Thursday, 5 August 2010

Happy Birthday Cheri Joan

Bonjour Paris

Another of my present I really love!
My Bonjour Paris Dairy from Jia Xuan.
It's from Korea and had the same set of photos from a postcard set I bought!
Great minds!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Seng Eel Chooka Hameeda!

Tweji Tuki Choayo!

Here's my favourite birthday present this year!
My Tweji Tuki soft toy from Shelby!
Really appreciated the gift because it come from her Piggy Bank.
Great afternoon at our favourite spot TeaCafe...
Seng Eel Chooka Hameeda!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Baby and Lapin

Look Who's Talking !!!

Wow! Look who's been talking to each other!
How did this happen???
Baby Mason and Lapin?!?
I didn't know they knew each other!
Wonder if there's a photo of Geun Suk and Lapin too!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

In the Backlane


Wondering along the backlanes of Gulangyu
I felt like Alice in Wonderland
Every corner seem to take you to a different world altogther
The Cat ...
The Apprentice...

Monday, 5 April 2010

The Sound of Music

Remember... Gulangyu

The drumming waves of Piano Island
Resound on the far side of the island
The voices of tour guides arriving early each morning with packs of tourists
Resounds throughout the island...
The music of Gulangyu has slowly deserted the island
Seeking better fate in a faraway land
There was a time when the sound of piano
Could be heard throughout this lil dot on the map
Exuding from every tiny window on the island

I poured out my woes at the reception of MOGO where I stayed
I was comforted by Xiao Pan, the ever so friendly staff
I should count my blessings
I was there before the last sound of music is gone

Sunday, 4 April 2010

A Concert A Day...On Piano Island

Tian Tian Yan

A concert takes place at the Gulangyu Concert Hall every night
And it happened to be the American Music Week
So how can I miss my first concert on this island to on Day 1?
Let the show begin...
For a start, a vocal and piano duet

It was a concert experience like none other
Nothing like the Suntory Hall Tokyo
Or Perhaps a concert in Vienna and Prague
Here, the concert runs free every night
And the local community has an interesting concert culture
Young man giving up seats to an elderly
who comes in 20 minutes after the concert started
Children talking
People eating, entering, leaving in the middle of a performance
Here, you won't find the snob, the pretentious
Nor the "I am so cultured' mentality in the concert goers
Everyone is here for a common purpose ...
The simple enjoyment of music
And the locals can tell a good performance from a mediocre
They discuss, critique, and share their opinions with audience next to them
They have probably seen more performances this lifetime than I ever will

Dinner on Piano Island

My Gulangyu TV Dinner

It was really cold on the first night
I found lil restaurant serving local treats
Decided to take-away knowing how huge the portions are
Dinner for the night...
Famous Fuzhou Shark Meat Fishballs with Shuo Bak Chang!

This is really yummy...
But check out that chunk of fats!!!
Oooo...super sinful
I allowed myself only a tiny bit

Didn't do much on this first day
Loiter around MOGO
And stroll along Long Tou Lu (Dragon Head Street)
Went to a nearby bookshtore and found lots of music books!!!
A book on finger practice by Lizst
A book entitled The Complete Pianist...
I spent the next few days reading that

An aluminuim tin can mug from my favourite store.. FEN
I used it to make my instant spinach soup